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Because this product TRULY works

Because this product TRULY works!
Because I’ve always wanted to wear lipstick, and now there’s a product that MAKES SENSE to spend my money on.
Because I knew I was going to become addicted and it would be so much better to PAY HALF PRICE for the same product!
Because it is a LEGITIMATE way to contribute to my family financially while staying home with my child!
Because it is FUN!!! If you’ve ever thought, “Man, making money by selling and wearing makeup seems fun!” YOU WOULD BE CORRECT!!!
Because I just turned 30 and skincare is stinkin’ expensive…so I thought I’d get some amazing skincare at 50% off.
Because once I tried the rest of their makeup I realized that this company is SO much more than LipSense!!!
I’ve been trying to not be that annoying person who joined a direct marketing company and then talked about nothing else. But, what I’m coming to realize is that if the person who I learned about it from hadn’t posted about it, I would have never learned about it and all of those things wouldn’t be happening.
So here you go. If you’ve ever thought:
I wish I could find a way to work from home.
I wish I could find a way to make just a little extra income to: Fill in the blank ((Pay off student loans, take a vacation this year, finally get into a 2 bedroom, etc…))
I wish I could find a way to make a LOT of extra income to replace my salary so I can stay at home with my kiddos.
I wish I had a more supportive work environment where I actually love what I do and feel encouraged by those I work with.
I wish I could earn a free car and trips because I work hard!
I wish my makeup and skincare didn’t cost so much!
I wish….
You don’t have to wish!!!!! ALL of that is possible with this company!!! Please stop wishing or wondering about it and message me to learn about it. If after you learn about it, it’s not for you, THAT”S FINE! But then you won’t regret never asking!! But honestly, if you’ve been thinking about it for weeks like I did before joining (putting it off for various different reasons and fears) you’ll be so excited to take the leap once you find out just how fun this business is…and how good the discount is!!

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