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Connecting to the right influence

Connecting to the right influence
When I was younger, I watched Nickelodeon a lot, one of my favourite shows was ‘Unfabulous’, Here, a young girl writes and sings about her life and experiences in middle school with a guitar, soon, I wanted a guitar, I wanted to write and sing about my life in school, I didn’t mind the fact that I didn’t know how to play a guitar and I was a terrible singer, watching icarly, I wanted to have my own web show even though I had no idea what I would do with it, other shows influenced my choice and style of dressing, speaking, lifestyle, I didn’t do this unconsciously, I wanted to be just like the characters I saw on tv.
Have you ever wondered when you love a person because of his or her personality, authority or maybe he or she is exactly who we aim to be like in the future, we tend to begin to speak like them, dress like them, love everything about them and want to do them? It is called influence.
Influence has a powerful effect in our lives, it could be a catalyst for our acceleration to the peak or they could simply be a guide to destruction, how then do we choose the right influence?
We all have dreams, visions and aspirations but above all, we all have a destination in view, a place where we would find alpha satisfaction and pride, we need to connect with people who have gone ahead of us and has reached that destination, we need to connect with them so they could give us the map or compass to reach that destination, not every successful people have the map to your own destination, you need to find that right person.
Sometimes, we spend our time reading the wrong map hence, we go towards the wrong direction, no matter how fancy, expensive, valuable or well detailed a map is, if it not directed to your destination, it is useless.
To our success
Omoregie Bright

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